Welcome to Our Church

On behalf of the entire congregation, I want to welcome you to St. James’ Episcopal Church. Like many churches, we are a small congregation. Like many, we have large ideas, hopes and dreams. And like many, we have a varied and wonderful history. Yet, it is my belief that there is something special here. Christ acting in a unique, powerful way. That was my experience when I first came to St. James’ Church more than 11 years ago. It was powerful enough that I left my first meeting without a doubt that this was where God was calling me — and that this congregation was ready to jump into life in Christ in new and adventurous ways. There are many good churches in the world, and Christ works through them all, but maybe he’s calling you to St. James’, to see how we bring rest to the weary, light to those in darkness, and hope to the despondent. Maybe Christ is calling you to find out what is special here — and to be a part of it. Please explore our website. Exercise your patience when it is not updated, open yourself to surprises and joy when you see just what you need. Call upon me or our deacons, David Bender and Gail Ganter-Toback, if you have questions. As Christians, we are here to make Christ’s love known to the world. Let us share it with you.

In Christ’s Love,

Fr. Chuck Kramer