Christian Education

Sunday School

St. James’ Sunday School begins with a Nursery which serves infants and toddlers up to age three. After that, the following classes are available: Pre-K, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. Students start out in the church with their families, then move over to the classrooms after Communion. Sunday School follows the public school schedule, beginning in September and ending in early June.

Inquirers’ Classes

We offer Inquirers’ Classes each year for adults and older youth who are interested in learning more about Christianity and the Episcopal Church. For adults who would like to be baptized, confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, these classes are required. They are, however, available for all. Classes consist of anywhere between nine and thirteen sessions covering Scripture, Church Tradition, Reason, History, the Creeds, Ethics, Spirituality, and other topics of interest.

Baptism Classes

For parents who want their young children baptized, these Baptism Classes are required as preparation. They consist of three sessions covering:

  • What is a Sacrament and what is Baptism?
  • What are the Vows?
  • What are the parent’s/Godparent’s roles and responsibilities?

These classes are scheduled in consultation with the rector.

Bible Study

Our regular Bible Study meets every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in the Parish House, led by Father Chuck. Participants pick a theme or a book from the bible to discuss and study it until they are ready to move on. Much more than a class, those who gather for Bible Study find a safe space where they can share their lives and receive the love and support of others.

Pre-Marital Classes

Also known as Pre-marital counseling, this series of eight sessions are required for all who wish to be married at St. James’. Classes cover what it means to be married, how Holy Matrimony differs from mere marriage, the marriage vows, and, of course the rehearsal. If there has been a divorce, extra sessions are required to consider how to avoid a similar fate for the new marriage.

Occasional Classes

From time to time, especially during Advent and Lent, we offer classes in various areas. We’re always open to suggestions, so if there is an area of Christian Education you are interested in, let us know!