Spirit of Unity

Spirit of Unity is a concept established in 2005 to educate, inspire, and inform aspiring and existing Gospel performers as well as others who desire to fulfill their dreams of being part of the genre of Gospel Music. It is an interfaith movement involving many denominations, cultures, nationalities, and races of people, who seek to be an “all encompassing” Gospel Music Performing Arts Group. They encourage their members to build upon the ministry of Gospel music, attracting men and women from all walks of life who love to dance, play and sing the songs of Zion.

Spirit of Unity’s relationship with St. James’ began as an outgrowth of the St. James’ 2012 Fall Concert Series at the chapel.The response to their performance was so overwhelming that St. James’ felt we could build on that, and by inviting the group to become an Artist in Residence, develop something beautiful and beneficial to both St. James’ and Spirit of Unity.

As part of the Artist in Residence program, Spirit of Unity will be a part of St. James’ 10:00 worship services four times per year and conduct one workshop. They will also perform occasional concerts.